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Why do we run our own web servers here at Haus? Because we're control freaks. Most websites we build are completed two to three weeks quicker by having full control over our machines. In addition, our engineers have the flexibility to make custom configurations which simply aren't possible with many other hosting companies.

Not having Haus build your website? No problem! We will be happy to help you or your web designer pick a plan that is right for you and get you online.

Despite the name, our basic package is a complete starting point for your website. Comes with web access, file storage, secure email and statistics
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Perfect for businesses that need more file storage, mySQL databases, SSL encryption for eCommerce and more.
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Ultimate Flexibility and Power
Whether you're a visionary with 'the next big thing' or an existing business with big storage, bandwidth or processing needs, we can build servers and software to deliver.

There are some things we don't believe you should pay extra for-like your security. All of our services are built on a solid L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, mySQL, php) foundation and use SSL encryption for all key services such as email, file transfers and statistics.

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