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Why do we run our own web servers here at Haus? Because we're control freaks. Most websites we build are completed two to three weeks quicker by having full control over our machines. In addition, our engineers have the flexibility to make custom configurations which simply aren't possible with many other hosting companies.

Not having Haus build your website? No problem! We will be happy to help you or your web designer pick a plan that is right for you and get you online.

basic hosting

Basic Hosting Plan

$10/month ($100/year prepaid)

  • Secure FTP file storage
  • 2 MariaDB databases (staging and production)
  • Up to 5 TSL/SSL-encrypted email accounts
  • GIT version tracking system
  • Nightly offsite file backups, 1 week rolling database backups
  • Statistics

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Hosting Add-Ons

email services

Additional Email Accounts: $4/mo per user

All messages are encrypted end-to-end. Rock-solid syncing between multiple devices. Server-side message filtering and spam training.


Memcache: $5/mo

RAM is 100,000 times faster than disk. Memcache stores parts of your website in RAM for quick retrieval. Instances are sold in 256MB block sizes


CDN: $5/mo

Using a CDN (or Content Delivery Network) will speed most sites roughly 2x by serving large images and other files from a geographically diverse set of servers so your visitors get the copy closest to where they are.


Varnish Cache: $15/mo

Where memcache is most frequently used to serve parts of your website, Varnish sits in front of your website caching all of the content. Some configuration and setup is required but this option holds up under the most intense traffic demands.


IP address and SSL connection: $25/mo

State of the art encryption allows your visitors to browse securely whether it be for eCommerce, sensitive content or privacy.


Dedicated Hosting

Startups can see dramatic shifts in usage where elastic cloud computing is the best match, but it's expensive. For clients with known quantities building your own kit is often the most economical choice. Quite frequently the cost of renting cloud space would buy your own kit multiple times per year!

Contact us to chat about your needs and we can match you up with a kit to run it be it "bare metal" or virtualized.

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